Stroke Recovery

In addition to physical therapy, and other traditional rehabilitation methods for stroke recovery, we recommend a combination of healing arts that use intention, facilitate life-energy and realign body tissue. A very gentle physical force is applied during this treatment.

Stroke Recovery

Three Healing Arts combined for Stroke Recovery

  • Cranio-Prana helps life-energy to enter your body more easily. Your body doesn’t energize by food alone. During deep sleep your life-battery is naturally charged and you wake up refreshed. Very little is known in the west how, when and where life-energy is entering the body. There are certain exercises where you can charge your body with life-energy and direct it to certain body parts.
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu facilitates life-energy along the nerve pathways to the area where it is needed.
    More on Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Visceral Manipulation physically takes care of restrictions in your body.
    More on Visceral Manipulation.

Life-Energy is also known in other cultures as Prana, Ki, Chi, Mana

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Stroke Recovery 60.-