Natural Integration Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In my practice as massage therapist I found that sometimes muscle tissue is not responding to massage and I came to the conclusion that it needs a different approach than physical therapy.

I recognized by talking during massage about the muscle tension why the tightness and where it is coming from helped to relax the tension. This unrelaxable muscle tissue was becoming now a messenger holding information about a trauma.

I am regarding chronic tight muscle tissue as messenger for any mental/physical trauma.

NIT Extra

NIT goes to the core. Through a guided relaxation the client is lead through visualization and interaction to a mental place where the trauma is recognized. In a certain dialog the trauma is understood and integrated, the initial muscle tension is integrated and dissolves.

Chronic muscle tension can be treated with NIT. But anything else chronic is also a messenger waiting for you paying attention to it so it can lead you to the initial trauma for integration.

This method was developed by  Alaya Chikly and she is calling it Heart Centered Dialog. I modified it a little for my needs and am calling it NIT.

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NIT for PTSD 90.-