Aromatherapy Massage

At Body and Face Solutions every massage can be aromatherapy. Choose one of our many available blends for your treatment. Aromatherapeutic oils are a free upgrade for your massage.

Lemon Sage

Aromatherapy Massage Lemon SageThis blend combines the uplifting, refreshing lemon with the healing properties of sage.


Lavendel Aromatherapy MassageLavender oil is used successfully in massage therapy to relax muscles, reduce stress and bring about a sense of well being.

Fir Needle

Fir Needle Aromatherapy MassageThe soothing nature of fir needle makes it ideal for pain and aching muscles. The powerful essential oil is used for the improvement of respiratory conditions.

Corn Mint

Cornmint Aromatherapy MassageThis oil is good for the nervous system acting as a regulator and sedative.

Arnica Herbal Oil

Arnica MontanaOur small-batch Arnica Herbal Oil is well-suited for those who physically exert themselves and push their bodies. Absorbs quickly into the skin and is fast-acting and because of that perfect for massage therapy. It smells sweet and reminds of Honey.
This oil is homemade out of organic grown Arnica montana flowers and solar infused sitting at a window in Safflower oil for about 5 weeks.